Baby Doll Yorkie, Apple Head Yorkie
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Baby Doll Face Yorkie, Applehead Yorkie
Madison two Adorable baby doll yorkie Puppies!
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East Coast Parti Yorkies is a Quality AKC registered breeder that specializes in types of Yorkshire Terriers such as: Baby doll Face Yorkie, Baby Doll Parti Yorkie, and Yorkie puppies. We are located just across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and have excellent quality Yorkies in MD. We believe in perfection the highest quality and as close to perfect you can get with our purebred yorkies!  East Coast Yorkies has some of the finest Top Champion Blood Lines you see in the show ring today. We take a lot of pride in our Baby doll Yorkie and handle them with care, many times on a daily basis. By the time our Apple Head Yorkie leave our home they are very well socialized.

Visit our Yorkie for Sale page to see availability and up coming litters. You will see three pictures of each puppy. Named after the Mom so I know who you are interested in when you call. Most of our babies are
 Baby Doll Face Yorkie
& Teacup Yorkie. We keep the web site up to date at all times to inform you of the latest and exciting news.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our Baby Doll Parti Yorkies & Apple Head Yorkies. Many customers ask what is a Apple Head Yorkie?  They have a wider head, with eye's spread apart, and short nose. If you are interested in seeing our Baby doll yorkie Parti Yorkie or Apple Head YorkieePlease give us a call to set up a appointment.Please give us a call to set up a appointment.

East Coast Parti Yorkies is always concerned about our little babies... As we are very attached to each and everyone of them. At East Coast Parti Yorkies, we have the right to pick and choose who our little treasures go home with.

Baby Doll Yorkie, Apple head Yorkie

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